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Motorola G6 Play - End User Review

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I recently bought a Motorola G6 Play not knowing if I like the phone. But after reading the specs and several reviews I went ahead and purchase the phone online. I must say I am really pleased with my decision. Here are the reasons why I think I have purchased a right phone for me. Now before I give you my reasons, I want to explain how I typically use my phone. I use the phone mainly to look for directions, read emails, call my family, remind me of important events, check traffic, WhatApps, create shopping lists and checklists, and finally use a HIIT timer for my daily exercise. I could have gotten the most advance phone there is but my background in IT taught me one thing - get the technology for your needs and I have stuck to that philosophy ever since. Here are reasons why I like this phone.

1. It feels solid.

2. It is quite fast and I never felt hesitation moving around.

3. It has some really need Moto Action features such as Torchlight, Camera, Do not disturb.

4. It comes with the latest Android OS.

5. The phone size is perfect for my hands (5.7")

6. Lastly I love the finger reader - much faster than keying a password. 




Thanks for the review @sc7982!


Much appreciated. Smiley