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Likewize is the biggest scam ever! Fed up and unhappy customer.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My son's phone was stolen a few weeks ago. I sent in a claim for it. I paid a $315 deductible for a red iPhone 13 128GB. Which is worth about $450. At first I was wondering why they are charging me that much for a phone that's almost worth that money. Anyway they shipped it the next day which was a Thursday. I look on the UPS website the next week on a Tuesday, to track the phone and it said that the phone was being sent back to the sender. They did NOT send me an email letting me know that my shipment was being sent back. So I phone likewise and the customer service agent informs me that like wise requested it be send back to them because they did not accept my claim.  She said she was going to send in a claim review. I said no thanks just send me back my $315 so I can just got buy the same a used phone for that price. I have 6 fido phones and all of them have device protection. That's over $100 I spend a month on device protection. I told her to just cancel my device claim and send me my money back. She told me she had to send in a review to get my money back! Are you kidding me! No just give me my money back, I know it will take anywhere up to a week to have my money sent back to my account.  So I cancelled my device protection on all of my phones. Ain't no way they're scamming me for more money. Mind you I've had device protection for almost 3 years on 10 different phones through Fido. 

This is not the first time Likewize has screwed me over either. I should have learnt my lesson from the first time. Yes, I know stupid me! Anyway I had my fiancés phone on my account and it was a Samsung flip. That phone was garbage it started cracking in the midlde a few months after getting it. We sent it in and they sent back a used Samsung flip which did the same exact thing almost 2 months later. We send it in to likewize again. They said it was covered and they were going to send another. We waited over a month for the phone. We phoned in many times and they didn't know where it was. Then it comes back over a month later and it's the same exact broken phone! A customer service agent said we had to send in another claim for it. So we are paying for a phone every month that he can't use! Anyway we gave up because someone broke into his car and stole the broken phone a week later. We didn't even bother and I took off the device protection. He paid off the phone he barely got to use and got a Samsung 23 ultra, which is a way better phone. I'm ready to give up on Fido as well if they don't do what's right to make this right. I'm ready to end all of my 7 lines and finacing for 6 of the phones. Over $700 a month. Bad credit? I'm so pissed off that I'm willing to take my chances. It wouldn't be the first time. Fido lets their customers be scammed by this bulls**t company. Stop asking your customers if they want device protection if you know they are paying to be ripped off. 


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Having issues with Likewize too!

My Galaxy S22 Ultra broke (motherboard) and I was eligible for a replacement device.

They sent me the refurbished phone which also had calling issues, saying that my sim card is not allowed. I guess the phone is locked since it was used with another company, not Fido!

After millions of calls, sometimes they just cut me off, they said I need to do a claim for the "new" device and send them back my old device which at least has reception sometimes (when I'm outside).

Now I'm stuck with 2 broken devices. The one they sent is at the repair shop and I'm waiting for a result but they are refusing to send me the 3rd.device that actually works!

What a mess!!!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Update: got contacted by Mobile Snap repair shop. The phone indeed was broken!

Now waiting for the parts. I'm so pissed!

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Kellyhouse,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you son's phone was stolen and your ensuing situation. Unfortunately, we would not know why they decided to deny the claim.


@kellyhouse wrote:

....Which is worth about $450....

  How did you determine the device's worth? I understand replacement processing fee might seem large compared to what you feel the device was worth. However, that fee is determined by the devices' MSRP (see here). At launch, the cost for that device was $1099 (see here). That MSRP would have made the phone a Tier 3 device. Even the current MSRP for that device of $849 (see here) would still make the phone a Tier 3 device, though I'm not sure whether they adjust MSRPs to current prices or maintain the original MSRP at purchase.


  There have been long-standing discussions regarding whether device protection services are worth the money. Some customers will not purchase a device without it, while others might never consider purchasing it. Other customers might purchase it initially and then cancel the service once they feel the costs outweigh the purchase of an upgrade.


  I understand you feel they shouldn't ask customers if they want device protection. However, no one is forced to purchase the protection. Customers have always been free to decline device protection.


Hope this helps 😀



I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So instead of you offering this obvious long-standing valued customer some proper help in their frustrating b.s situation that they were pretty much forced into because of the poor screen quality in the devices you sold to them. 

You instead choose to make silly uncalled for statements to which totally mean nothing, or that haven't helped them in any way by asking where or how they put their a price tag on their phone. Because I'm fairly confident that if they were to trade in the device or 3rd party sell it, the price they would get would be way less than the $1099.00 it was MSRP'ed when it was brand new, or even the MSRP it would be now that the poor quality, faulty screen you guys came up with cracked because of poor quality materials used to manufacture it and the poor design concept that was used to design the way the phone folds over, and that the material ages terribly or gets cold in the winter and gets brittle and cracks.


All-in-all it boils down to the phone was a **bleep** idea to build like that in the first place.


This person pays I'm sure an arm and a leg for the service accounts that they hold with you, and with LikeWize who is your choice of company for warranty coverage provider and your choice of device protection company to have to deal with. And yet neither Fido or LikeWize will pony up

1. a new phone to replace the one that broke or the one that was stolen for that matter. 


2. the amount of money they sent to you for the repair or replacement deductible when I thought that was the whole point of having the device protection in the first place! 


I fully agree that, in my opinion, the device protection is only a good option if Fido or LikeWize would actually help their customer in the repair or replacement of the phone that was still on the leasing agreement. And that the device protection agreement seeing as each month you pay to have it "protected" for usually a 24-month period that turns out to be the amount of $15.99/month because it's a tier 3 phone that comes out to $383.76 plus taxes plus the $315.00 they paid for the deductible so that comes to basically 698.76 in useless payment paid and you said at the release date the MSRP was $1099.00 well if my math serves me correctly that's only a $400.00 dollar difference. So I'd have to say that this person has every right to be mad at the terrible customer service they have received with both companies and I would also like to state the fact that if that were me.....  I'd be contacting the Better Business Bureau on this matter for the result being to recieve a BRAND NEW PHONE! Because, as it seems, there is a ton of excuses coming from fido and LikeWize and yet no one has even tried to help them!! That's poor customer service and a poor business practice.


Sure seems like a scam to me!! 

Hello Blueeyes1987,


  Welcome to the community!


  Firstly, you should note these forums are community-driven and not intended as a venue for customer services. Myself, and many others, don't actually work for Fido (or Likewize, for that matter). So we are not in any position to offer proper help, as you claim I failed to provide. As mentioned in my original reply to the OP, I do not know why their claim was eventually denied. I provided information relevant to the OP's claim of device worth.


  You also seem to blame them for the design and manufacture of devices???


@Blueeyes1987 wrote:

....You instead choose to make silly uncalled for statements to which totally mean nothing, or that haven't helped them in any way by asking where or how they put their a price tag on their phone....

  My statements were absolutely called for because the MSRP is how Likewize determines their Tiers, and therefore device replacement processing fees. I didn't just make it up. Those Tiers are listed in their link provided above. How their service fees actually work is entirely pertinent.


**edit** In addition, the information provided answers one of the OP's concerns:


@kellyhouse  wrote:

...I was wondering why they are charging me that much for a phone that's almost worth that money...

  That also makes it relevant. **


  I understand you seem to feel that the fee should be based on current market value of device. However, many customers would complain a system like that would be the SCAM. Presumably, people would want a replacement device similar to the one for which they purchased the device protection. For example, the OP purchased the protection for their son's device which was a Tier 3 device. IF they considered the value the OP felt the device was worth, that would now be a Tier 1 replacement device. Purchasing protection for a high value device and getting a lower value replacement would not make sense to most people.


  I also understand your math seems to show that the monthly fee and deductible should go towards the replacement device. Unfortunately, no insurance or device protection works that way.


@Blueeyes1987 wrote:

... I'd be contacting the Better Business Bureau on this matter for the result being to recieve a BRAND NEW PHONE!...

 All customers have the right to make their complaints to the appropriate venues. However, they should also be familiar with any service Terms & Conditions of said service.



~taken from here.


  If you don't agree with the service Terms & Conditions, you shouldn't continue with the service.


Hope this helps 😀