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LG Gossip "ghost" texts

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello! Someone please help! I was on hold for customer service and they're very busy.


I have an LG Gossip and I had no problems with phone until recently. A month ago my inbox said I had 2 new messages but there was not one message that was not open. I turned it off and removed battery and turned it on and "ghost" texts are gone.


But now my incoming texts are saved in my SIM card instead of handset memory. By the time it reaches to 20 texts I can't send a message until I delete all messages! It's annoying to go back and erase.  And when I do erase there are empty text messages left behind. When I turn off my phone all texts are gone!


I had my battery already replaced in the summer because the phone didn't want to turn on.


Can someone tell me what's happening? Thank you!



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i there ggomez79,


In order to save your texts to your phone memory, simply follow these steps in the menu of your phone:


Messages-Settings-Backup texte message-Handset memory