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LG G7 One - February SMR ???

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1


I have been checking the OS update schedule page awaiting the February SMR for my G7 One and a few weeks ago it said coming soon.  The G7 thinq said 27, the Samsung S9 said 26.

It is now the 28th and it now says that my LG G7 One is currently on the February SMR and March is coming soon.

Only problem is I have yet to receive the February SMR.

This is part of the deal. Part of the contract. Pretty much the only reason I bought this phone is the stated monthly security updates.

I have done the usual troubleshooting.

Power off. Restart. Remove SIM.  Manually connect to network. Reset APN. Etc.


Has this been released, if so when and how do I resolve this issue?

If not, why? When? And what is Fido doing to ensure and assure that their obligation is met?



Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey @Professorbondo,


I need to apologize for the confusion/misinformation. I just checked in with our device team and can confirm that LG actually wasn't able to deliver the February SMR on time. It was delayed to the point that they decided to go ahead with the March SMR instead, which Google agreed to. I have updated the OS schedule to reflect this.


We understand that you should be receiving monthly security updates on the G7 One, given that it's an Android One device. It's unfortunate that they haven't been delivered as promised.


Thank you, though, for posting this valuable feedback. It has already been passed along to our device team.