Ipad air 4 never ending wait

Ipad air 4 never ending wait

Ipad air 4 never ending wait

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Ipad air 4 never ending wait



I've ordered my Ipad air 4th generation in Dec 2020.  It is been 5+weeks now and I have not received any information regarding the iPad. Fido is unaware of when they will have it in their inventory again, they blame Apple for restocking it.


on the website, the message is still the same: "





When ordering, I said 1-2 weeks is fine but now it has been  5 weeks and nothing is moving or happening. 


Can we at least know when it will be available?


PS: Please don't suggest canceling the order or choosing another model. This is the model we need.


Thanks for your help!

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Did you ever get your iPad, how long did the wait turn out to be?

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Hey @more_fun18


We understand waiting for a device is not fun and, if we had more information to give you about the delays, we would. However, right now, we don't have any more information to share about the delivery delays.

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I'm waiting as well no one knows anything 

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I am still waiting since Dec 25th, 2020 (10 weeks) and nothing happened. Each time I call, they say they don't have it. They ask me to visit the local fido stores myself and ask if they have it which is ridiculous, outrageous, and very poor customer service...! we are way past the 3-4 weeks delay!!!!!

Hey @more_fun18,


We know that having to wait so long for your device is definitely unpleasant. If there was any way for us to send you the device right away, I assure you that we would, however we are still awaiting stock. Rest assured though that as soon as we receive more stock we'll do everything that we can to process your order asap! 


We simply want to make sure that we provide you with the best available options given the situation which is why we have mentioned that it would be a possibility to cancel the current order if you find the device available in one of our stores. We strongly recommend calling the stores near you beforehand and inquire about the availability of the device before making a trip there. 


I understand this might not be the answer you were expecting, however these are the best options given the situation.