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I signed up for a new Rogers plan at a Rogers corporate store, but they realized they could not port my Rogers corporate number directly to another Rogers account. Instead, they had me sign up for a Fido Pre-Paid account and temporarily ported the nu...
Hello, I signed up for a Fido pre-paid account yesterday and ported my number in.  However, when I try to sign up for online management of the prepaid account I get an error "Oops We've Hit a Snag" on the PrePaid registration page. How long does it t...
Hello @FidoSolutions  I see on an old post that you can request Customer Service to complete disable roaming (i.e. Roaming Block), but the CSR was unable to do so and disabled Fido Roam. I like to: Confirm Fido Roam is disabled on my two lines ending...
Hi all, I ordered a new tablet over the weekend, the order was processed, but I still have not received a shipping information.  The contract information said the plan was activated on June 13th? What happens if the tablet takes a few weeks to arrive...
Hi all, I'm trying to upgrade my tablet to an iPad Air, however, this tablet is NOT carried in the local stores in my area (called like half a dozen including corporate and non-corporate stores). All told me to order via customer service. However, wh...
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