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Interesting Data Problems!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Have an Interesting problem.

I currently have the 6gig data option for the iphone, I no longer have the iphone anymore and have been using several unlocked phones and Blackberrys with no problem at all! Never had to change data packages or settings on phones.

But however, my sister has the EXACT same data plan as I do, and her data will work on an iphone but never on a blackberry device. Have called Fido to help with this, they said she needs to just change her data to a Blackberry one, still not working.


Question is, why does mine work perfectly and I never have to call them to change anything, but yet my sister has so much hassel. Fido does not seem to want to help too bad... Any thoughts?




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It's NOT the same data plan.  There are many different codes for the 6G, one of them has blackberry services, the others don't.  The description on your bill may not reflect a different name, but the SOC code on your account which you can not see will definitely be different than hers.