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I’d like to get in touch with the office of the president

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I’ve had a tremendously terrible experience over the last 10 days. I ordered a phone on December 1. I received it December 3. I didn’t even turn the new phone on, I simply didn’t like the color. I called on December 6, I explained that I wanted a different color, I provided details on the specs, the delivery I asked questions about the process. I was assured I would return the phone and that would prompt the delivery of the new color. I received the wrong return label which triggered another phone call December 7 and then a managers phone call December 9. All confirmed that the procedure was correct and that I would receive the phone color I wanted. I had one more phone call on December 12 (I think) and I was assured but the agent the phone had not yet been processed and I would receive phone. When it took long, I was on a live chat with agent. I was assured the phone was not received yet and that I shouldn’t worry. I then called Sunday only to find a customer agent tell me that it was processed as a return and I have no phone. I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told there was no supervisors in. I said it is crucial that someone calls Sunday. No one called. I called again Monday morning I spoke with Karen, who said that she read the notes and confirmed it was a return. I said how could I speak to 3 agents, 1 supervisor and a live chat and all confirmed I would receive the phone soon and then be processed as a return. How could there be a return when I never agreed to it. She said the agent should’ve sent me the color I wanted before processing a return. She followed the wrong process. I said a mistake of one agent was confirmed by another agent, a supervisor, a follow up agent and live chat. How could that be? She added insult to injury by saying she could only honor half the agreement i had to purchase the phone, originally when I purchased the phone I paid $1030 I received a 200 bill credit and 150 on top of that. She said she could only honor after repeatedly stating that she sympathized with my plight. I asked to speak to supervisor I was told it was at least a 30 minute wait, when I asked to make a complaint she said I should wait for a supervisor. I’ve been with fido for 3 years, I started this process with an agent (shaykh on December 1) he was so wonderful it confirmed that fido was the provider for me but since December 6, I’ve been in a roller coaster with fido. Passed off from one agent to another ....them processing a return while I’m waiting for a phone....them processing a return without my consent. 
have I mentioned that I still haven’t received my money back? This has been a terrible ordeal and I would like someone to get in touch with as soon as possible. This is the worst customer experience I’ve ever had at fido. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello @Sbalata


The experience you're describing is certainly not the one we want you to have. 


Any unresolved concerns can be addressed through customer service, with that said I'll be sending you a PM to review the situation with you asap. 


Talk to you soon!