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Has anyone ever heard of a phone being non fixable because of being overcharged?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


So, I brought in my LG for repair, the screen was frozen. It was returned saying mainboard was corroded and beyond repair. The sales clerk told me I had probably over charged it! I said it was unlikely, since I used it so much and by the way, no one ever warned me against that. And, someone else said overcharging is not possible because  there should be a circuit installed that would prevent that. I have never dropped it in water, or spilled anything on it. When I called to complain, I got a lecture about how else it could have been corroded. Hot to cold, putting in my pocket, etc. I am not happy. Does anyone have any suggestions about next steps?




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I am a former Service manager for repairing cell phones.  What you have said is completely true that corrosion on the phones motherboard can not be repaired. Think of it this way, There is metal conductors on the circuit board of your phone, when metal is in contact with Water or Moisture or Humidity over a prolonged period of time, those metals react and become coroded, not just that but if there is enough corrosion, the metals will have holes in them, rendering it irrepairable.  There is really no steps next in this case, but if you really want your phone serviced, you should find a local repair facility that offers "Liquid Damage Cleaning" service.  Although you have to pay for such service, it is also not guarenteed to repair or restore your phone due to the reasons I have just mentioned.  So yeah, if the corrosion is very minor, then cleaning it may restore the phone to working order, but also remember, that even if the phone continues to work, it might stop working out of the blue for no reason and there will be nothing really you can do, becuse you can clean the surface corrosion but you can never make it completely go away.