Got billed [Financing: Monthly Payment]

Got billed [Financing: Monthly Payment]

Got billed [Financing: Monthly Payment]

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Got billed [Financing: Monthly Payment]



I signed up on fido this March with the free LG tablet promotion. However, I'm still charged $10 a moth finance. Is this normally the case?






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Hello Whcdavidca,


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  Are you sure the promotion you signed up for was for a free tablet? Could it have been a promotion for $0 down? That is, you pay nothing upfront, but the device is financed over the 24 mts.


  Fido currently has that device for $0 down (financing fee $10/mo for 24 month)(see here). Is it possible you mistook the $0 down as free?


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Hey @whcdavidca


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Can you tell us a little more about this promotional offer you had received? Did you take a new Easy Pay Tablet financing with this new LG tablet? If so, the tablet wouldn't be free in this case as it would be a financing option to spread your payments for the device over 24 months. You can read up more about the Easy Pay Financing here.


Let us know if the offer you received was different and if you can confirm if it was from Fido or a third party dealer as @KAPABLE-K pointed out.


Hi @whcdavidca did you get that promotion directly from Fido or was it through BestBuy. If you got it through a third party dealer then you will have to contact them.