Galaxy S8 reservation and release time

Galaxy S8 reservation and release time

Galaxy S8 reservation and release time

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Galaxy S8 reservation and release time

I reserved my Galaxy S8 on fido website today. I have a question about the place in the queue: if, for example, my place in the queue is 50, does this mean I am the 50th Fido customer who reserves the phone or just the 50th Fido customer of the pickup location which I choose at the time of reservation? So basically is it 50 in the whole country or just in the pick up location?



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Re: Galaxy S8 reservation and release time

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Hey @peyngn2 and @KAPABLE-K

The number assigned is Canada-wide. If you're 50th in the queue, this means that you're the 50th person waiting for that specific model within existing Fido customers across Canada. 

New customers have their own reservation queue. Also, each model has it's own queue.

You'll be the 50th person to get the phone once we have available stock! It has nothing to do with the store you pick. Smiley 

Hope that helps! 

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The problem seem to have been fixed for Rogers, so maybe it is also fixed for Fido

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I got mine, everything is ok

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did anyone get their phone yet? People who preordered from and koodo have already received theirs... im considering canceling tbh

Hi @kappa!


We definitely don't want to see you go. Sad The store will contact you as soon as your reservation is ready.

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I just want to be sure. What did you do to get the gear vr?
I have filled the form when I have reserved the phone. Then nothing more than login to my Samsung account on the phone. I did see any other form or confirmation saying the gear vr will come.
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This 100%! I went and registered on as soon as I had preordered the S8 (as we were told to do from Fido on their website). I picked up my phone from Fido flagship store on Tuesday and activated it then and there and logged into my Samsung Account (the same account as the one used on the above form). I received two emails from Samsung when I activated the S8 to my email address I use for my Samsung Account. One said Notification of Samsung Account login with my samsung account, and the other said Thanks for your purchase registration. Then NOTHING at all regarding the Gear VR. According the Rogers Forum regarding S8 preorders and the Gear VR (, people received an email 24 hours later about the Gear VR after they logged into their phones with their Samsung Account.


I called the store (flagship one in Mtl btw) I picked my phone up from and they said you should receive a text message (?!) which I have not. They then said to call Customer Service at 611 to ask why I haven't received a text. Customer Service was completely in the dark about any text message and have just given me the phone number for Samsung at 800-726-7864 which I have been on hold for 50 minutes now. This is ridiculous. This is not the first time FIdo has had this promotion. Why is it SO difficult to get clear directives and instructions. Please guys FIX THIS!!!

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About the gear VR, I have also call samsung, and they are the must useless person I met.

I have received nothing telling me it's ok. Maybe it's normal.

@chillininmtl @Chris38


Here's the details for the Gear VR promotion:


To get the Gear VR headset, you’ll have to follow a 3-step process. Once all the steps are completed, Samsung will send you the headset within 6-8 weeks.

Step 1: Reserve a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Step 2: Register at

Step 3: Log in to their Samsung Account directly from the new phone once you get it.



You can contact Samsung at 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864) if you don’t get your gift within 6-8 weeks or have questions about the headset or if you have any other questions in regards of the promotion. ( If you return the device within 15 days of receiving the shipment, you must also return the headset in its original condition.) This offer is valid only while supplies last. It’s also subject to change without notice. Hope this helps clarify everything! Smiley



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I have received yesterday my gear vr.
And it's compatible also with my "old" S6.

Awesome stuff, @Chris38! Enjoy Smiley 

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I called my fido reservation store and they didn't even have any in stock and the phone comes out tmw. I canceled my reservation ordered directly from samsung. Good luck everyone getting your gear vr's

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my reservation email says "which we'll hold until 4/18/2017"


So since i wasnt allowed to get it today... are you going to cancel my reservation fido???

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I was at the Fido store at 11am, picking up my reserved S8, when they got the email saying the phones could not be released today as per Samsung. They tried anyway but they're just not available in their system.

This was as they were just about to start calling people to come pick up their reserved phones.

Went to Bell and Rogers in the same mall, same issue.

Yet the Samsung Store had a line-up of about 20 people getting theirs no problem.

Not cool Samsung, not cool.

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I don't think it has anything to do with Samsung, koodo is selling it...
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I got a call saying I could come pick up my s8.. A few hours later they called again and said I couldn't.. Get it together
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Worst client experience! This is the last time I order **bleep** with Fido, if I have to wait until the 21st I'll just go get one from koodo. What kind of business is that when you don't keep your promises? It's a shame
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I was told to come get it on the 24th, so don't except to even get it on the 21st..

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If I'm not getting today as they promised, I'll switch to an other company and the Web is going to hear about this comedy

Hey @Walidlm


We certainly don't want to see you go.


But he device cannot be given to you before the released date of the S8 that is April 21st 2017


Your understanding is really appreciated Smiley



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@FidoKenny this is such a coward answer, considering that you know that it's not that and that Rogers messed up loading imeis on their 1980s system, while the phone is sitting on the store and koodo and videotron and bell clients already got it, even some Rogers and Fido clients got it, those who got the phone full price... I'm glad to know that in this forum we get the same stupid non sense answer that we get from 611