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Fido block VoLTE and Wifi Calling by blacklisting IMEI

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3



I've just got a Fido Pulse plan recently, bringing my own device, an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 purchased directly from Samsung. I chose Fido mainly because of VoLTE and Wifi Calling. I installed the lastest Fido firmware on my phone to make sure there is no compatibility problem with the network. The CSC code of my phone (in the settings menu) is FMC, which is the Fido one. VoLTE and Wifi Calling options are present in the settings.


When I enable VoLTE, calls still fall back on the HSPA+ network. For the Wifi Calling, when I click the link to configure the address, I receive the verification code but it tells my phone seems incompatible and to contact the Fido support.



Fido/Rogers, this is a real shame. My phone is indistinguishable from a Fido one and is fully compatible. Well, the only difference is that you didn't get the money...


It doesn't work because you don't allow non-Fido purchased phone based on their IMEI to register on these networks, for no reason. Some people had luck and customer support were able to add their IMEI in the database to get it work, but a lot, including me, don't. I had this luck with an unlocked iPhone 6 with Rogers (after "fighting" with the customer support for over 2 weeks), but this time, it's been a while I ask them but they say they're unable to do it, that the technical support will call me back in 24h-48h but they never call back or that they're unable to join them. There is no technical problem here, it is just an anti-consumer practice.


So I post this here for everyone to see and for people who might consider to bring their device to Fido to be warned about this (even though there are a lot of other post about this), and for you to see their real face, they're just greedy. To get $50+ for a few Gb isn't enough, they want you to buy the same phone you have from them.


And maybe a representent from Fido can help me to get the technical support to contact me to fix this problem before I give up?


What you, Fido/Rogers, seem to forget, is that people who bring their own devices do not have any contract, they can leave whenever they want. And as the CRTC ban the anti-consumer practice of locking cellphones and unlocking fees, people will be able to move between carriers freely, and it will be a real mess for you.


We are a lot in that case, you're going to lose a lot of clients. And don't forget you're not only in competition with other carriers but also with all VOIP services we have now, from Whatsapp to


P.S. VoLTE and Wifi calling are no more "future technologies", they are today's technologies. LTE is the main network now, almost everybody use it, and you still prevent us to call on this network. As for Wifi Calling, it is important for people who live in basement or in the country side with a poor network quality. It also relieve the towers as there will be less network trafic.




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Thanks for your feedback @quenting96 . I hear where you are coming from, a lot of our users have unlocked phones and would like to benefit from this feature and it's definitely feedback that I'll be forwarding. 


At this moment unless the device was directly purchased from Fido it's not possible to make this happen, it is however possible with iPhones as you pointed out.  I know this is not new information to you and it definitely looks like you tried to do everything on your end to make it work. 


As I said for now I'll forward your feedback and if anything changes I'll be happy to let you know!

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I'm a Participant Level 1



Thanks for answering this question, however the information you have provided is very much incorrect.


You said: "At this moment unless the device was directly purchased from Fido it's not possible to make this happen"


The fact remains that it is fully possible, and in fact already works, if you have loaded the Fido firmware for your device, everything that is neccesary to make it work exists on your device, and it will work, except for one key detail.


That detail is, the system (Rogers/Fido) is automatically deprovisioing VoLTE services from your account as soon as a non Fido/Rogers device is deteced.


We can prove that it works on an unbranded device and that it is entirely rogers/fido deprovisioning the account:


Reproduction steps:

  1. I put my sim card in my rogers branded samsung device with working VoLTE, WiFi Calling and Video calling.
  2. I place a VoLTE call, I stay on the LTE network and the call completes as normal.
  3. I move my sim card over to my unlocked Exynos based samsung Note 8... VoLTE works fine. I can make and recieve calls with much greater clarity.
  4. Settings > about > IMS status = `registered`
  5. In Dialer hit *#77467# to load IMS settings, and can cleary see it has loaded the provfile "RWC VoLTE"
  6. 15mins later (or some random time.. my imei is send back to rogers and the system detects my device is not a Rogers device) ims services are no longer provisioned to my account and VoLTE stops working
  7. I put my sim card back in my rogers branded device, within 30 mins the system will reprovision VoLTE. 

I have started a complaint with the CRTC that has been accepted as a complaint that falls within their scope.. I am very interested to see what Rogers will do to rectify this one, as I have spoke to multiple managers, who tell me the system would need to be redesigned to allow non rogers devices on it *EYEROLL* which is just rediculous and highly unlikely, they just need to whitelist my IP or force provision VoLTE to my account.


Rogers and fido are in direct violation of the CRTC's code by restricting access to services based on the origins of the device, as this creates another barrier to customers to switch their WSP, much like unlocking, which was found to be in violation and is now outlawed in the new code effective dec 2017


Hi @GuNDaL!


Thanks for the details Smiley Happy 

We currently offer VoLTE to customers with compatible Fido devices. We’re always looking for ways to improve customer experience. I’ll share your feedback with the right team.


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I'm a Participant Level 2

What you just said is exactly violation of the law.


I have an unlocked Samsung Note 8, that Fido is blocking my VOLTE and wifi calling features.


I have files a compliant as well, because Fido has a bring your own plan, but blocking calling features to their customers.

Hey there!


Thanks for commenting and we definitely do appreciate your feedback as we're always looking on ways to improve our customers' experience. We'll pass it along to the team in charge.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have other questions or we can send you a PM right here if you prefer.


I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I have already seek help from Fido, prior of my compliant.  Fido customer service and engineer refused to assist me with the situation.

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I just got an unlocked Sony XZ1 Compact phone. I love the size of the phone that's why I got it. Fido doesn't have small size phone offer so that's why I bought it my own. However, I didn't know Fido limited feature on unlock phone. I also feel frustrated about that. I am paying for the plan but cannot get LTE network works. I am a loyal Fido customer but not able to use VoLTE and wifi calling? I will start looking elsewhere.

Hello Alexchan1122,


  Welcome to the community!


  Your issue with not being able to access the LTE networks might not be related to your phone's IMEI not being in Fido's inventory database as above. Where did you get your phone? Have you verified the phone is indeed compatible with the networks? I haven't been able to find any LTE band/frequency specifications for that phone (see here). The Canadian Sony official website doesn't even list the compact version on their website. In addition, that website doesn't list the specific bands/frequencies for the XZ1 either (see here). You can verify the compatible bands/frequencies here.


**edit** You should also note that certain features, like voLTE and Wifi-calling, are only available on certain compatible devices. Currently, I believe that would be the same situation with all of the mobile providers. The situation in this thread is slightly different because the posters have compatible devices, however, the IMEIs of their devices is not in Fido's inventory database.**


 Hope this helps Smiley



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I'm a Contributor Level 1

So this entire post happened to me too. Oddly, on a Google Pixel 2 XL direct from Google (even though there is no distinguishable differences now via software - credit: kenjuta). The latest update on the 2XL was enabling WiFi calling. 


Initially, turning on the WiFi Calling toggle, it let me go to the Fido page to register. Once i saved my info, it prompts error and i should call on. I asked the rep if they could reset my wifi calling and add my phone's imei. After X minutes, it's working. I have wifi calling but the wifi registration page is asking for me to re-register. Don't want to break what's working - so i let it be. 


tl;dr: if your phone has wifi calling and is not from Fido. ask them to reset wifi calling and add your imei to the system.

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

I am having the same issue. How can we get whitelisted?

Hi @prozess!


What exactly is the issue (WiFi Calling/VoLTE) and which phone are you using? Let me know. Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

I'm using a pixel 2. When I make calls it does not stay on LTE even though the VOLTE option is on. And when I try to setup wifi calling I get an error saying my phone isn't compatible.



Simply to confirm, you can't connct your phone to WI FI at all?


Or it's WI FI calling that you are trying to use here?



I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

WIFI works fine. WIFI calling does not.

Hey @prozess, I replied to your other post here about this.

Hey @alexchan1122,


Though I can totally understand where you are coming from, the truth is that Phones sold  by us, as certified Fido devices are optimized for use on our network while we cannot always guarantee full service on an unlocked device.


That being said, we would hate to see you go! I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look into this together. 

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I'm a Participant Level 3

Can you let me know as well

Hey @HakimDewani!


For sure! If anything changes, we'll keep everyone posted Smiley



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I'm a Contributor Level 2

Just as a heads up to those reading this post, there will not be a follow up. Not one that brings about any positive result anyways. Unlocked phones and Fido go together like oil and water, and the experience is about as pleasant as an oil spill too! For further evidence check out how they did the roll out of enhanced features in Anroid Messages -otherwise known as RCS messaging. Many times when there is an issue there are a few obligatory messages saying there'll be a follow up to a complaint or issue, delaying until people get frustrated and stop upping the post. It is more profitable for Fido to want to sell Fido phones to Fido customers who use standard Fido plans that lock them in for a longer term with penalities if they switch and cost the (exorbitant) market rate. If I had to guess, they accept people who bring their own devices because it is better to get some amount in monthly payments from someone than monthly payments going to a competitor.  Go figure. Speaking for myself I would appreciate a curt answer of you are getting what you pay for Mr BYOD plan, than the "who knows what's going on", or "we hope to address that at some later date", or the "forward it on" statements. Harsh but true always is best.

Hey @MattinToronto


I can understand why you feel this way, we do our best to keep everyone posted as soon as we have updates. The one thing we do though is forward this type of feedback and that's why it's important to share it especially on the community. We want to hear what you have to say and we're always looking for ways to improve our services.


While you might feel like you're not heard, I assure you that you are!

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

No, that's not what I said. I mean that the phone isn't from Fido (which cause the problem with the IMEI). It's the unlocked version bought directly from Samsung. After I inserted the SIM card, the phone rebooted into the "Fido version" of the software, with the two apps from Fido, the VoLTE and WiFi calling options (a popup message even said that my phone is WiFi calling compatible after the first boot) In the "About my phone" section, the "service provider software" I indicate "FMC" which is Fido software.

So hardware and software speaking, the phone is exactly the same as one bought from you. However it doesn't work because the IMEI is not in your system. The customer support told me the IMEI show as a non-Fido phone (the same happened with my iPhone).