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Disappointing Fido Premium device protection

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Not even been a year since I got a new S10 with fido + the added premium protection plan (for which I obviously pay every month) which they offer. Claims to have a "free" first screen replacement if damaged within the first year. Recently dropped my mobile (first time and first claim) and cracked my screen (no other damage), called in for a screen replacement (applied for a service request), mentally happy that my insurance will back me. They ask me to go to shop for the walk in replacement and upto to this I am very happy. Reach the shop, the owner says they do not have a replacement screen and it is also not available in the other places in the city where the insurance is valid. Now, I have to pay for a replacement mobile for around 200 dollars for a second hand replacement. In short, I my current device has a balance of around 400, clearing which I can get a better a newer model. Now, I don't know what is the purpose of this insurance and what is the big point of trusting Fido. Mainly because I end spending more money and the useless ensure on top of my remaining balance.  Especially as a student, this is a lot of money for just a replacement ("which will be similar apparently") with me paying for insurance in the first place. Just feel very dissapointed, and pointless, since S10 is relatively new model and it should'nt be that difficult to find a replacement screen.Considering closing my account and moving on to something cheaper.  In short, damaged screen, paying insruance, much more money for a replacement, pointless trusting FIDO. Sad😮


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Former Moderator

Hey there @Suresh43,


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Was Brightstar unable to offer you different repair options before suggesting replacing your device? Have you tried to reach out to them to inquire about those options?


I'm sorry to hear about your recent experience, though let us know so we can follow up.