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DND issue on iPhone 5 affected by Fido's Name Display

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

This may seems like two completely unrelated issues, but trust me I am not posting this without having researched the heck out of it on internet forums.


Many people who: 


- are FIDO or ROGERS customers

- own an iPhone 5

- have updated to iOS 7


have been experiencing issues with their DO NOT DISTURB (DND) feature which is supposed to completely silence the phone at prescribed times or when turned on manually. When DND is on, the phone doesn't make a sound, doesn't vibrate and goes straight to voicemail (yes, there are other features that allow customization of DND, but the bottom line is, if the DND is "on", the phone is completely quiet).


It appears that ROGERS' (and hence FIDO's) Name Display is rendering this feature useless: if I get a phone call at 2am and DND is "on", the phone rings and vibrates. If I turned DND on manually before an important meeting, phone calls make it through. Apparently if I turn off Name Display completely, this feature works. 


Has anyone heard or experimented with this? I am hoping someone from FIDO reads this and possibly notifies people working on the technology. I know it's primarily an Apple thing, but FIDO also needs to be aware that this issue "exists".


Since FIDO doesn't seem to have a technical department when users could submit "tickets" (like Rogers' customers can), I am exploring this avenue, since a recent conversation with a FIDO rep was a total waste of my and their time.


Please don't respond if you think I should contact Apple. 

Thank you.



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I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1
Hello Diamond Aristocrat, I just discovered your reply from January. Thank you for your posting, but as I said at the beginning of my message, I am not making this stuff up, your directions on how to adjust settings are totally irrelevant.

I realize there are tons of people with petty concerns posting all kinds of garbage on these forums, so of course Fido cannot escalate every pathetic concern. But on the other hand, these forums would be really useful if people really read posting carefully.

This is not a matter of settings. Go look at hundreds of posts all over various forums on this issue.

This one in particular:

The basic fact is, Apple's move to iOS 7 basically caused a conflict between ROGERS/Fido Name Display and DND. Period. There are many other customers experiencing this in the U.S. as well. I am posting this here because it is an issue and a very annoying one, especially when Apple says it's a carrier problem and Rogers says it's an Apple problem. And Fido? Fido is basically clueless on the issue.

I'm an expert level 2
I'm an expert level 2

The options that the mention are very important and if they are not set correctly then it is untrue to say the if DND is on that the phone is completely quiet. There are numerous DND settings that will result in the phone not being completely quiet.


1)  "Allow Calls From": The default for this setting is Favorites, so any calls from contacts you have added to your favorites will ring/vibrate the phone, even with DND enabled. Set this to No One to prevent favorites from overriding DND.

2) Repeat Calls: The dafault setting is On, so if someone calls you and gets "blocked" and then calls you back within 3 minutes, your phone will ring/vibrate. Turn this to Off to prevent repeat calls from overriding DND.

3) Silence Always or Only when phone is locked: the default here is Only when phone is locked. This means that if you are testing DND and you phone is set with no passcode or is set to enable a passcode after a few minutes, then if you call before the passcode is required, DND is ignored for all calls. Either set this to Always or set your phone to require a passcode immediately.


With any of these settings, DND will not be completely quiet, under the right circumstance and those circumstance might be very common. My guess, if call display/name display has anything to do with it, would be options 1 or 2, which would both work only when your line has call display enabled. Without call display, the phone might not be able to determine whether the callers is in your favorites or if the same caller is calling back within 3 minutes.

I'm an expert level 2
I'm an expert level 2

I'll add that I have tested this with iOS 7 (only because of your post) and found that those setting make the difference. If I set them so that favorites are not allowed, repeat callers are not allowed and either my passcode is required immediately or Silence Always is set, then my phone does not ring or vibrate. If any of those settings are difference, then calls may come in. I don't know of a way to disable call display, other than having Fido suspend the feature, but I won't go that far for testing.