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Certified pre-owned device battery life

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1



I have read this page ( which describes some of the inspection points of certified pre-owned devices, however I did not see any mention of the battery of the device being inspected.


I was curious as to whether certified pre-owned devices come with a new battery? If not, what condition would the battery be in?




I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

I just got digo phone yesterday yes they are totally ripping off peopel saying it's like new phone with minim life or month or less openers box but phone came with scratches and 92% battery that Mean been used more than 1 year then if u see this paid  off price  is exactly as brand new phone .this cheating with peopel be careful when buying preowned like new they are very very well used phone for more than 1 year or 2 .sending it back waste of time and money and hassle .not happy at all with Fido after 7 years 

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I'm a Contributor Level 1

FIDO declares that all certified pre-used devices are not used for more than 1 month. This information is provided by all the representatives I spoke with, as well as the moderators of the FIDO community.


This is not thue for me!


I have all the evidence.
I received 3 devices: 2 - 1 - 2 years of use, respectively!


If you have a certified used Iphone, go to your nearest Apple Store and ask any staff member to confirm the age of your device. Most likely you will be surprised!


Such devices have been on sale for many years and there could be a huge number of customers affected.


Don't be silent if you have such a problem!

Hello @Alex_Z,


The age of the device does not mean that's how long it was used for, Apple most likely is providing the build date based on the serial number.

A device could be built today then sit for a few months before it's sold, then if the customer returns it let's say after 30 days which is the longest period Fido allows it could take a few months to be reconditioned then sit another couple of months before another customer buys it.


Since the longest period is 30 days Fido allows for us to return a device then it would be correct that a recertified device that they sell would not be used more than one month.

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

This could be true if the devices were in perfect condition. But in fact, when they all come with an erased oleophobic coating, a burnt-out trace from the window of the cover that has been worn for years and the battery health is 96%! 96!!!


Ask a question on any technical forum how many years it takes to exhaust the Iphone XP for it to show such a result. It is impossible to get this either in a month, or in 6, or even in a year!

I am an IT professional and have been working with Apple devices for many years. One glance is enough for me to determine whether it is a new device or a silent used one. As for those devices that are sent as certified pre-owned, then of all that I have seen, they were shamelessly raped for several years!




You sell old phones, and gullible buyers are simply deceived that they are almost new..


It is clear demonstration of Fido's dishonest attitude towards its clients.

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

"Keep in mind that certified pre-owned phones are devices that were returned within the satisfaction warranty."


This is not true! Your satisfaction warranty is 1 month so you must not provide older then 1 mont pre-owned phones to your customer. I had talked to the customer care service before I ordered pre-owned Iphone XR. I got the same information: "They are just out from box, for sure all our devices are not older than 1 month, all in perfect confition".

I received the iphone. There were obvious visible defects on the reverse side. I made verification Apple store. It is 2 years in use device!!! Battery health 94%. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to exchange it according to the terms of purchase. When I negotiated the exchange, they tried to impose on me a more expensive cost, referring to the fact that during this time the conditions have changed! It cost me another hour of pointless negotiations.


For some reason, a white device was sent instead of a black one despite promises that I would receive it in black.. Okay, let it be as it is..
The customer service representative gave me the wrong tracking number, wrong carrier. I contacted Purilator for 2 days and tried to find out what was wrong with my item. But in fact, the package was shipped via FedEx! Moreover, it is completely incomprehensible why after changing the address in my profile, after two calls with my explanations where to send the parcel, the phone was eventually sent to the wrong address!!
Few more hours of conversations with FIDO, Purilator, FedEx, until I finally received the box..

End of story? Of cource not, it would be too easy for FIDO clients...

I checked its Serial Number in Apple store.. And... 1 year in use!! Visually, it was in better condition than the previous one, but it bore clear signs of barbaric autopsy attempts. In the lower corner between the glass and the aluminum frame, deformation was clearly visible, as if they were trying to push some sharp object into it to open the case. When I explained this to the customer care team, they said that I would probably have to pay for this defect because it was not their fault, but mine!! Fortunately, I still managed to talk to a supervisor who understood the essence of things and was able to say something else besides what is written in the standard answer script on the screen of the support staff. She said that she could not change the phone the second time, but promised that she would create a new sales operation on the same terms and write in the comments so that those employees who decide which one to send would not make the same mistake for the third time in a row. Few more hours of negotiations...


Fortunately, life has taught me to carefully document every episode of interaction with companies that provide distorted information to theyr customers. I no longer want to leave this situation, to break the 7-year history with Fido, to close the contract. I wasted too much time and nerves. Let's see how it all ends.


To be continued..


Hello @Iamusic4.


Keep in mind that certified pre-owned phones are devices that were returned within the satisfaction warranty.


We ensure that those devices meet A Grade Standards. This means the phone in great condition with no easily visible scratches, blemishes or other physical marks. The battery is also tested first for charge and performance.


So to answer your question, it's not a brand new battery, it's the original battery that comes with the device.


If there's anything with the phone, you still have a warranty on the device even if it's a certified pre-owned phone.


I hope this answers your question 👍