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Cant receive incoming calls or messages

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there. 


I got a new phone and inserted the existing sim card and I cant receive incoming calls or text. The calls directly go to voicemail. However, I am able to call and send text using my new phone and existing sim card. 


Additionally, to cross check if the phone is not an issue, I used the same exisiting sim card back in my old phone. Still not able to receive incoming calls or text. I can send and call though. 


Definitely not an issue on phone side but either sim or network. Can anyone confirm if they have gone through similar issue in past? 





Hey @MM21,


That's certainly odd! Thank you for testing the sim in a different device as well. Smiley


Did you restart your phone to see if that helps?


You can reach out to us through these channels so we can look into it with you, or if you prefer we can send you a PM on the Community. Let us know.