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Cannot tether with iPhone on Fido's LTE network while using VPN

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Since I got the iPhone 5, I am having trouble tethering and using my work's VPN.

The VPN client is on the laptop. It's the Juniper Network Connect client. So it's not using the iPhone's built-in VPN. Anyway, not my choice.

I've done extensive testing with all sorts of combination and have finally found the faulty combination: Laptop tethering to iPhone 5 while on LTE connection and connected to VPN. With this, I am unable to load web sites and internal servers from work.

All other combinations are successful:
1) No VPN. With this, all tethering combinations work fine (except for internal work stuff of course)


2) With VPN connected, the following will work
  a) tethering to iPhone 5, LTE disabled
  b) connected to some random public hotspot
  c) tethering to Telus, iPhone 4, (therefore 3G)
  d) tethering to Bell, iPhone 5, LTE enabled
  e) using a Bell SIM in my (unlocked) iPhone 5, LTE enabled

Really all works except when the 3 following conditions are met:

- Fido network
- LTE enabled
- VPN connected

If I remove only Fido from the equation, it works.
If I remove only LTE from the equation, it works.
If I remove VPN from the equation, it works (but it's useless, that's exactly what I'm trying to accomplish).

Yes, I've reset Network settings in iPhone.

Seems to me there's something wrong with Fido's LTE network.

Am I missing something?

Is Fido/Rogers going to investigate this seriously?




Former Moderator
Former Moderator
Hey yp!

I would suggest that you contact our technical support team for them to escalate with our network support team. If there is someone at Fido that can assist, it would be them.

@ Community: Has anyone experienced something similar? If so, how were you able to get it resolved?

Hey yp!

I have contacted our network department and was assured that our LTE network allows VPN connections through tethering.

I'll therefore be collecting examples in order to flag this. I'll need a minimum of 5 examples (I currently have 2 including yours). As soon as I have those 5 examples, I'll escalate further.

Can you please send me all the details with your Fido phone number in a private message?

Thanks! I'll be awaiting your message.

@ Community: If you are experiencing this situation, please let me know via PM!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello FidoJudhy


I believe I have provided more than enough information.  I can't really spend any more time until I am assured this is being really given attention.


However I will be glad to troubleshoot this with your technical staff over the phone or whatever works. I do IT support myself, and I would be glad to have someone like me to work with on this.


With all due respect, I am not entirely convinced your techs have tried to reproduce the problem as I have described it. I'm sure your LTE network is designed to allow VPN connections while tethering. I just believe something is interfering with its proper functioning. 


I will PM my phone number.




Former Moderator
Former Moderator
Hey yp!

Thanks for sharing your Fido number, it will help me escalate the matter further.

I'll actually be able to escalate without further examples, and indeed, in your case, I have already all the details I need.

One thing I'd like to confirm though: do you have the $5 Public IP add-on? It enables Fido data subscribers to utilize routable public dynamic IP addresses for use on their device.

If you do not have it, let me know and we can get in touch via e-mail for me to add it to your account. If it still does not work with the add-on, I'll have a ticket opened.

I'll be awaiting your reply.