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Cannot get to activate sim card on new account through any means

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Went to the fido store today - Fido couldn't help me have a good price because we are already existing customers.  So I ported the number off to a pay service, so that I could access the proper price instead of being punished for continuing with the same carrier.


I have spent FIVE HOURS working on changing a couple numbers over, starting with going through support on the existing account, then going through and making a new account, then going to the store to find out that everything is screwed up and apparently there are two accounts.  I sort things out at the store, and leave with one line transferred and instructions on how to do the remaining two.


EXCEPT THE OPTION ISN'T THERE!  Not on my phone, not in the app, not on my computer.  


I am a T2 Tech support that works with telecom and mobile.  I'm ready to walk away.  The automated list only ever dead ends into "we don't have someone", the online help just points me at stores, or goes to connect me to someone before immediately telling me that they are closed.  I am beyond furious and if something isn't done, I will take my business elsewhere and never return.


The one line that I ported from Telus I was able to do at the store.  I've already got the sim cards for the line from Freedom and for the line that I LEFT Fido, just so I could come BACK.  So now that line has no data or texting ability and only 100 minutes that it can be used.  



Hey @Ophindis ,


Welcome to the community! 


We're truly sorry to learn about your last experience. This is definitely not the kind of experience we want our customers to have. 🙁


We'd love to get to the bottom of this and get things resolved for you. We do have different support channels with different hours of operation all listed here. Please contact us so we can continue with you!