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Box empty they said when the fido warehouse received it!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was not home on the 13 of march 2020 when they delivered the package by purelator . They leave me note sticker to pick it up after 5 pm same they on the convenience store. I didnt pick it up because I work 3 to 11 so I did pick it up the next day march 14,2020 around 8.30 in the morning. I didnt open it because they told me if i dont need it dont open it just send it back to fido and they send me label to print out via UPS so i did print out the label and when to nearest UPS store around 10:59 am the owner of the store recieved the package with the purelator label still attached to the brown box and I give the UPS label the one I print it out. And he said it's ok i dont need to take the label from purelator his gonna put on the top of the purelator label. So the owner give me receipt and tracking number. And I left from the UPS store. Now I'm waiting and checking to my fido account if they already did the adjustment but no the charges still there and they didnt change the upgrade phone date. They should put it back to the original year which is 2021 is the due of the 24 months contract... I track the package they said it was deliver on the 17 of march 2020 to fido warehouse and recieved by the name faras from fido receiving... so I call today again to find out why still not doing the adjustment to my account.. now I found out they said or she said by the name kim costumer service that the package empty and no phone inside the package... now I got mad and I told her the package not even open its sealed and I send it back to them the way they told me dont open it if I dont need it just send it back to them.. so she said they will call me tomorrow the fido and i have to wait while I'm worried why this is happened.will see what they going to say to me and I'm trying to call the UPS store the guy said the owner will be there tomorrow. I hope they resolve this problem I'm not paying something I didn't have it. I been with fido for years and years I hope they can track the phone what happens to the phone. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Cybershot0027

I can definitely see how this would be a worrisome situation. However, I want to reassure you that we have teams in place to help investigate such situations. If someone stated that we'd be calling you back soon, it would mean that it's being assigned to the right people to help get to the bottom of this! Smiley