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Botched Android 13 Update(How to downgrade)

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, i recently got the Android 13 (One UI 5) update for my Samsung S21, and ever since the update my phone has been laggy, slow and buggy. How do I downgrade from this terrible update back to Android 12. Its making the phone borderline unusable and I have to restart several times a day


Hi @Isaac19635 , I'm not sure that you can downgrade to a previous android operating system. You can try removing your Sim and restart your device. Once fully finished the start up, power it down again and put your Sim back in and restart it. If that doesn't work then you will probably have to contact Samsung for some advice on how to fix it. The OS is from Google and Samsung. If anyone knows better, please correct me and help out @Isaac19635