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Bold 9700 - OS Not Loading

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



A few hours ago my BB stopped working. Flat out.  I did not download any apps.  Once a hard boot was used, the Blackberry logo and loading/status bar appeared. Once the loading was completed, the screen did not change.  I had left it like this for about 3 hours.  I then removed the battery and tried once more.  I have done this 4-5 times this past hour with identical results.  OS not advancing through the loading page/logo. 


Please help. 


Thank you,





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looks like you might need to take it in for warranty is it still within a year and did you buy it from fido?

Obviously not, it's a 9700. lol

Good afternoon all,


Before considering the fact that it is unusable and needs replacing, what davidM would need to try is a complete reinstallation of the operating system on the device.  If you need more info here is the link:


You will find info about your device as well here:


Hope it helps