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Blackberry failing to setup enterprise email...

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have a 9300 Blackberry. I have setup my hotmail emails and this is working properly. I am trying to add my work email and contacts/calendar via my company's enterprise server and it keeps on failing all the time!


Under the email setup menu, I select the Enterprise activation, put my work email address and the password they gave me and i keep on getting the following error: 'The Blackberry Enterprise Server has not responded to your activation request. An error may have occured'. Now my company is based in the UK so I don't know if this makes any difference. The password is only valid for 48 hours. I have tried to set this up while I was roaming in the UK and Ireland the last 2 weeks and now here back in Ottawa and I just keep on getting the same error!


I've called the Fido support desk and they said that I have to call Blackberry for support for dual provision but when I call Blackberry they ask for a ticket number or a carrier number else I can't talk to them!!


Can someone from Fido help me with that request to setup both my work emails and my private emails on that Fido BB???  This is very frustrating!!



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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey jmayer,


Paolo is correct, we only offer BIS (BlackBerry internet services) and not BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server).


BlackBerry offers a workaround that is 100% supported by them. It is BES Express. Check it out here.


Hopefully this helps!


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as far as i know, fido only offers BIS. not BES. but there is a way to get it to work, i think its different, I think the way they are doing it for you is if you had a BES plan. So look into that. I will also look into it and post an update