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Black Friday deal: iPhone 13 - please confirm the price!

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1



I'm currently a Fido user and I went to a Fido store (500 Rexdale, Toronto) today for Black Friday deals. I wanted to upgrade my phone to iPhone13 and was advised that the deal for iPhone 13 256 GB version is $35.83/ month (plus taxes) to be paid in 24 months with $0 downpayment. This plan is the same as the plan that I found online from BestBuy (attached), so I agreed to take it. I was also offered a credit of $120 to buy acessories and I chose to buy an AirPod which I need to pay $6.91 extra per month.


The Fido agent informed me that I would need to pay the activation fee ($50) next month (first bill) and then I will get the refund the following month. So, technically, I won't be charged the activation fee.


I checked the contract and it shows that the monthly payment is $53.13/month (for the phone) + $6.91/month (for accessories) plus taxes. The Fido lady told me that it's because the system has not updated the correct amount of money that I need to pay every month. So, although it shows $53.13/month for the iPhone but it will be updated to $35.83/month  when I receive my bills.


I wanted to get your confirmation if my bills will show $35.83/month (not $53.13/month) to avoid any confusions in the future. 


iPhone13 dealsiPhone13 deals


Thank you and regards,



I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hi Lucy,


I'm not sure if I understand what you were saying. Could you please make it simple to confirm that $35.83/month is the amount I would need to pay (plus taxes of course)?


To make it clear, the Fido lady introduced the Black Friday deals to me; she said that I would need to pay $35.83/month (plus taxes) for the phone and I agreed with this plan. However, when the contract is printed out, it shows $53.13/month which is not the price that she informed me. She explained that it's because the system has not been updated to reflect the price after promotion yet. I just wanted to confirm that is what is happening. Again, I never agree to pay $53.13/month for the phone; this amount is just shown up in the contract with an explanation that it has not been updated.


Thank you.

Hey there @whitney99,


To answer your question, and as mentioned by @Original_Lucy, the price is correct.


Here's a quick breakdown to clarify:

  • The price of the phone is in fact $53.13+tx monthly
  • The bill credit to offer you the over promotional price at $35.83+tx is applied separately. You'll see the credit of $17.30+tx under your monthly charges section of your invoice
  • Please note that Original_Lucy also mentioned that the discount is applied to your plan, and not the phone. For example if you stop your contract with 6 months left on it, you'll have:
    • 6 * $53.13+tx left to pay on your device balance
    • The bill credit promotion won't apply for these remaining months.

For reference, you can find more info about the Fido Payment Program in our FAQ section. For the billing explanation, scroll down to "Understanding your bill, your financing balance, and other details".


Hope this helps, and congrats on your new device Smiley

Hi @whitney99 , congratulations on the new phone. Just to make it clearer for you, the device monthly payment doesn't change. The discount is applied monthly to the plan, so that if you cancel your plan before it's fulfilled,  you still have to pay back the full amount of the device that's owing. You still get your monthly credit, but it's on the plan side of your invoice. I hope that helps