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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I purchased devise protection plan and after few weeks I cracked my screen asked to changed my screen. They approved it and sent me lable but I got little busy and could not send my phone to them to get it fixed. (Still I was paying insurance amount) After few months I asked them to send me same lable again and retrive my claim as I purchased 2nd phone from fido. But Bright star refused to change it by saying that its too late. I already paid more then the screen replacement amount to fido as insurance.


I am very disapponited with Fido services and Brightstar. 


I will 100% go with other network provider as soon as I creal my phone tabs from fido.




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Senior MVP

Hello PRUTH,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you were unable to get the screen replaced on your phone. However, from what you note, Brightstar initially approved your request and sent you the label to send in your device. It's unfortunate that you were not aware of details of the protection.



~taken from here. You should also have been provided with the documentation when you purchased the device protection.


  I understand that life happens and things can get busy. However, it's likely your few months exceeded their repair deadline for that service request. I'm sorry, but that is not on Brightstar. All insurance have some sort of time frame in which claims and repairs need to be completed.


  In addition, had you used your Fido SIM in your newly purchased phone? You should note that the device protection only protects one device at a time -- the device most recently used with the Fido SIM. If you used your Fido SIM in your new phone, the device protection would have transferred to that device. That is, your old phone would no longer be protected. You would not be able to make any further claims on that device.


  I understand your disappointment and desire to switch providers out of spite. However, the different providers and protection companies would all have similar deadlines and restrictions with their device protection. A different provider would not have helped in your situation.


Hope this helps 😀