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BB curve 8900 wifi not working

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I am fido client and I was using the Iphone 3g for almost three years and then I got a free BB Curve 8900 and I am using that now.    I switched the sims and with the BB I can't pick up the free WIFI on it.   The wifi symbol is greyed out and when I go to set it up there is no green checkmark only a white dash.   I don't have a date plan but I should be able to pick up the free wifi should I not?  

Is it my sim card that's preventing me? 

or I don't know much about the setting's, would it be the settings where I am doing something wrong? 

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated? 



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If you simply switched sim cards from iphone to blackberry and did NOT change your data plan from a normal data plan to a blackberry specific data plan, then this is the normal behaviour.


When your Wi-Fi logo is Grey, and your SSID is shown in the top, then you ARE connected to your wireless router.   You will NOT see a checkmark next to the status because your phone can't re-direct BIS through the Wi-Fi, because you dont have BIS to begin with.  Only people with an actual BIS data plan will see the wifi logo turn WHITE. (checkmark goes away)


You can still try to see if browsing works, change your browser to hotspot browser and it might work, if not, that means your phne does not have the required service books, and you can only get them with a data plan.

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Excellent post there paolo, thank you for your contribution.