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BB 9780. Que about MMS settings, TCP IP and APN (problems with pics)

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi everyone, been still having trouble sending and receiving pics as well as some internet stuff. I was looking tonight in the "tcp/IP" settings> APN and all settings were off with nothing written. 

I also looked in "service books" and went under "MMS TRANSPORT (wptcp)" which the gateway IP is: //;0;0/ this normal? 

under "wap2 transport" ..same thing...all zero's.


under "MMS transport (WAP), the gateway has numbers in it. 

can this be causing my problems sending pics? when i go to send, i get "sending as MMS, might encore extra costs" then it says "switching to SMS"..sometimes pics go and other times not. 

If i receive i get  a "download now" bar..i click it and nothing happens.





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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hi fabchef,


Sorry we missed your post.


The missing APN would indeed be the cause. You would also need make sure that your plan includes BlackBerry data in order to use MMS.


You can find out how to configure a Blackberry phone here:


The internet APN is: Fido-core-appl1.apn

The MMS  APN settings are: