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Apple iPhone 6s voicemail light not turning on

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I just switched from Rogers to Fido and now my voicemail button doesn't turn red but I receive a text saying I have a voicemail. I'm not sure if this is normal on Fido. It's weird. My voicemail button always flagged red before.


i DO get my voicemails though (by clicking on the unhighlighted voicemail button it takes me to the voicemail prompt and I can check if I have a message). But could someone tell me if this is normal or if there is a fix?



Hello @DesignerGirl,


Welcome to the community!


All Fido plans come with basic voicemail (3 messages up to 3 minutes in length that can be saved up to 3 days) and we are notified by text only.


If you want to get the red dot voicemail notification then you will need to get the iPhone value pack add-on, along with the red dot notification it comes with other benefits. You can get more details regarding the add-on here.