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Android Pay

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hello All,


Most of you probably know, or don't kow, Android Pay arrived in Canada.  This means that we Android cell phone users (and tablet users) can finally pay using our mobile devices.  I tried it out myself today and I was quite psyched. The best part is that all you need is an andriod phone with NFC running on Android 4.4 or above for the system to work. You don't need to shell out a NFC SIM card or switch carriers so you can get your hands on an NFC sim card which makes this "technology" very obtainable for most people.  For iphone users, this is nothting special to them since apple pay have been around for some time.  


You can take a look here ( to get started.

Here's a summary on how to get it to work.

1. Install the Android Pay app only from the app store.

2. Load the app and enroll a credit card.  Check the website for credit cards/banks that have enrolled the Android pay program.  Currently I think Visa / Master Card issued by most major banks have been approved. I know AE and Tangarine bank will be approved later.  Debit cards have not been approved.

3. As per bank requirements, the bank will send you an e-mail or txt message containing a confirmation code.  You will need the code to enroll your card into Android Pay.

4. Once it is enrolled, you are go to go.

5. Go into settings and turn on NFC (Under wireless networks, click on "Share and Connect". Click on the NFC slider to turn it on.  You are ready to pay with your phone.


Since I have 2 payment apps (UGO wallet, Android Pay), there are more steps to follow:

6. Go back to the NFC menu (see Step 5). Click on NFC and Click on Tap & Pay. Select "Android Pay" as the default payment app.  (For Android N users, Go to the "DEVICE" section and you will see "Tap & Pay" section at the very bottom under the "Apps" section. Make sure Android pay is the default app.

Note: NFC will need to be turned on in order to see the "Tap and Pay" section.


7. To change the default payment card, go to the "PERSONAL" seciton and go in "Google Services". Click on the "Android Pay" tab to change the default payment card.


Happy tapping and paying.  



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Thanks for sharing @EFTC! Much appreciated. Smiley