Android P for Huawei p20 pro

Android P for Huawei p20 pro

Android P for Huawei p20 pro

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Android P for Huawei p20 pro

Global rollout began a few days ago and Fido lists Dec 19th as the rollout date but still no OTA update on my P20 Pro. Has anyone actually received the update yet? I'm getting impatient


Thanks Mike 

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Still waiting...
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Feb 3rd still no sign of any update. I've gotten past the point of even expecting the **bleep** thing to arrive. I guess Huawei and Fido forgot about my device. It's apparently well hidden amongst the lucky IMEIs to receive the update,some as far back as 7 WEEKS AGO !!!!!!!

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Hi android p emui 9 is ok, so don't panic if you have not recieved the update yet. Hi vision and hitouch features are disabled for Canada. No themes available to download. May be little batter battery life with P.  Hopefully Huawei brings extra stuff for Canada too.



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Most of the Android P features are missing except the UI.


Almost limited menu options, no change of themes (no download).

No adaptive battery feature

No app actions

No adaptive brightness (i dont think this works)

No accessibility menu

No indoor navigation

No lockdown mode


No multi-Bluetooth paring because the device is not Bluetooth 5


No HTTPS feature

Issues having the screens missing (blank screens)

No multicamera support, No Window down mode

No WIFI mac randomization


So basically the update simple OS UI update nothing more than that



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Cheaters HAUWEI and this would be my last phone from them...

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Finally Recieved OTA update 9.0 Android p on my p20 pro Today Morning.

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What's your opinion on the update?


What you see and what you miss, please update.

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Got the update yesterday morning but it took me all this time just to be able to login.

Something is wrong with the fido website, everytime i would click on "reply" it forces me to my accounts page showing my account balance. Anyhow enough frustration on this.


They made a change to the Notepad app and it frustrates me.

i use it for my shopping list as i'm shopping i would click the checkmark and it would strikeout my word

They took that out, my existing lists that have the checkmarks still work but i am unable to add new ones.

They added a "to-do list" at the bottom which would theoretically be the same thing with checkmarks but it is not intuitive as you can't edit the word if you make a typo, etc.  Grrr so much frustration.


The 1 good thing i enjoy about the update is the volume control where i can click on mute or buzz only which is cool.  I also love the dolby Atmos (unsure if it was there before?).

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Still waiting


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This is just an absolute joke. If I recall correctly original roll-out date was Dec 19th and now we're talking about Feb 12th? At this point why even bother getting anyone's hopes up  I'm already reading stories about Android Q while waiting for Android P. I'm not sure Fido with its relatively tiny influence on Huawei sales can do much to put pressure on them to try a little harder 


Signed, not happy in St. Catharines 

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I will share something weird happening. Just now I saw a pop-up message for OTA and I was commuting so deferred until I have wifi. When I had wifi checked for update and it says no updates available. This is very suspicious activity.

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@FidoStephen can you see my previous reply and get an answer

Another update from Huawei - additional delays (underlined) because of Chinese New Year: 


For the P20, they are continuing the rollout from SW version B113 (pre P-OS) to B159 (P-OS), and it should be fully rolled out on Feb 15.


For the P20 Pro, it gets a bit more complicated because they are now releasing the latest update which includes the January security update (version B178):

  • The rollout for those still on (pre P-OS version) B120, going to B178, will begin today, and be fully rolled out on Feb 18.
  • The rollout for those already on (P-OS version) B160, going to B178, will begin today, and be fully rolled out on Jan 28.


@ryadav Is it still not showing an available update? 

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@FidoStephen No, I do not see anymore the option to update. Tried both update strategies (phone/software), tried restarting the phone few times but no luck so far.


Strangest of all was that I got two notification in the morning and after 10 min they were gone in wild.

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I pray I’m reading this incorrectly. Huawei is pushing out an update to 9.0 before most of us even have 9.0? That can’t be true? 

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Cute message they wrote on the OS update page eh (we hope)

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I got the update ....downloading...


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Would you like to share your previous version build number if you remember.

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It was 8.0.0 sept build

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I'm still one of the unlucky ones waiting for 9.0 on my P20 Pro.


It's like winning a lottery, I keep checking every few hours for a month now.

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Yep I’m with you. Still waiting too. I’ve tried the work around using erecovery and firmware finder but no luck with that either. By the time we get 9.0 Google will be announcing 10.0 


Its frankly ridiculous.