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Acer Liquid E - New 16gb SD card... "checking for errors" >>????

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hey all.


FIrst off I dont recommend this phone. haha, that being said...


I just bought a 16gb microsd card for it.  I was able to install it and transfer a bunch of tunes over.  Then when I disconnected it from the computer, it has a little sd card icon with a sprocket at the top left of the screen and says "checking for errors".  As a result, I dont have access to the info on the sd card > music contacts photos etc.


Its been an hour or so and this status has not changed.


Can anyone shed any light on this issue? Has it "farted" or do I just have to wait...




Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello cloud2or3,


I would suggest removing your SIM, SD card and battery for 5 minutes and put it all back together.


This should help you resolve the matter unless the SD card was damaged at some point while it was removed from the computer or inserted in the Acer handset.


Let me know how it goes!

I'm experienced level 2
I'm experienced level 2



This post is pretty old but I felt that it would be important to add for future users that the handset may not be compatible with the SD card that you got.  I would double check the compatibility of the SD card with the phone.


Hope this helps!