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Acer Liquid E - Broken?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So I had a new unlocked Acer Liquid E. I upgraded it to Android 2.2, and it worked fine, despite the awful battery life.. I was using it normally and then it decided to stop working. I tried charging it because I thought the battery had died, but it still won't turn on. When I look really closely, I can see the 'acer' letters embedded in the screen, but not the typical lit up letters like when the phone is starting up. I've taken out the battery several times and putting it back in. It hasn't responded.. What do I do?



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it sounds like the phone's software might be frozen or corrupted. I dont know if this is because you updated it to google 2.2, but you can try and see if it will re-flash, if not, you might have to take it in for service?