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I'm back
I'm back

How on earth does service stop within 5days of activation? 

I got a line at Cornwall center on Nov 23 and it didnt work as the phone i had on me was an infinix phone brought in from Nigeria, I got a phone the next day and inserted my line in the new device and commence usage. By Saturday Dec 3rd i couldnt do anything with the line and shocked to learn my data is exhausted?

Till  this moment not reason for such action.

I need a detailed information on usage and who exhausted what?


I am certain i'm out of this plan if nothing is received as this is a rip off.





Hey @Jheri! To add to @KAPABLE-K's answer, please note that most of our plans offer 5 extra hours of data feature! All this data at a reliable high-speed network. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us through one of our servicing channels. 


Hello @Jheri,


Welcome to the community!


What phone are you currently using? How many GB of data does your plan have?  Have you tried logging in to your account on to see if your data has actually been used up? Are you still able to make and receive calls and texts?


Android phones have a feature that you can set to cut your data when you consume the set amount of data, Also it is known that iPhone at times consumes your data even if it is connected to WiFi.


You should note Fido would not be able to tell you what the data was used for or if a specific app consumes more data, you will need to wait until your invoice is produced and all it will tell you is your daily usage.