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Unfair treatment of a loyal customer

I'm a visitor
I'm a visitor

I am a loyal customer of Fido. One of the biggest problem has been that you cannot share data with your second line. I should have changed providers when I decided to give my 13 yr old daughter a line because of that.

My daughyer kept getting text messages to add data and finally fell in and I ended having a $300 surcharge to my account. I never got a notification of that. So wjen the next pay cycle came in I did bot have the opprtunity to upgrade her plan. If I am the one paying how come I did not get a notification.

no solutions came from calling support it is just a trap. 





Hello @gsansy,


Fido never had the option to share data and was never part of their model, when a line uses all the data the notifications can only go to that line for the option to purchase more data.


I do not see how you can say this is unfair treatment because its no fault of Fido, instead maybe you need to have a chat with your daughter and let her know there are consequences for her actions and it is costing you a lot of money when she uses her data and then adds more without asking you.