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was promised a phone but the phone isn't in selection

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So I was talking to fido through the live chat because I wanted to change providers due to getting a better deal and when I went to do that they offered me this deal, get more gigs and add a new line with a new phone for my wife for $0 down. We went through the motions but when we went to go add the line the phone in question isn't even listed and when we went to get the conversation emailed to me it hasn't come yet but luckily we screenshot all of the conversation. We were just duped so that I would stay with them longer because if so I'm taking my business elsewhere. The phone was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my wife and now this is a huge disappointment as it seems like we were just screwed over. What they promised was $41 4Gb plan and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. Are we doing something wrong when we try to add the line or did they just make a false promise for us to stay with them?



Hey @kentstevens Smiley

Our goal is always to be honest and transparent in our exchanges with customers, so it sounds like the Live Chat specialist wasn't aware the phone was no longer in stock.

It's possible that they saw the phone still listed on their end, as some devices are currently only available in stores. 
I do apologize for the inconvenience! 

You can select another listed device online or reach out to stores near you to ask if they carry the Note10+.


Another option would be to get the plan through your Fido account and purchase the phone directly through Samsung, as they usually also offer financing options. 

Hope this helps!