voicemail cannot acccess options

voicemail cannot acccess options

voicemail cannot acccess options

I'm a Participant Level 1

voicemail cannot acccess options

Hello, as the title says I am unable to access any further voicemail options after entering my access code.

This is how it goes:

I hold 1 and am prompted for my access code.

I enter my access code and hear the automated "You've reached"  and then my name recorded in my voice.

After I am given this automated response "Sorry there is no more room to record new messages" and then the call is ended.  No option to hear or delete these old messages, just a hang up. 


I'm pretty sure I have voicemail because after the first time I was sent a text message telling me I had 3 voicemails, which seems to be the limit for the minimum plan. I am using an android if that matters.


Thank you for your time. 


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community @eleuin!


That's definitely an odd situation Confused It does seem like the voicemail is there, as you're prompted for your access code and it seems to be accepting the access code based on what you described. Do you know if those calling you able to leave you voicemail when calling you and there's no answer?


We'll also be taking a look at your account to get to the bottom of this! I'll send you a PM shortly Smiley


See you there!