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three way calling or conference how to?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I'm trying to perform 3 way calling or conference using my Fido home phone with no luck.
1st I make a call to party "A" - A picks up
2nd click Flash button on my cordless phone
3rd I make a call to party "B" - B picks up
4th I hit the Flash button then "A" picks up and "B" is on hold.
5th I hot the Flash button again and now "B" picks up and "A" goes on hold.
6th and the cycle repeats but we all are not patched.

Is this the correct process of patching calls or conferencing ?
I've restarted Fido device
I've tested with my Cordless and also with my analog phone but the behavior is same.



Hey @pachu,


Welcome to the community!


The function can vary depending on your wireless phone. I would suggest to review the user settings of the home phone that you're using for the appropriate steps.


If you're following those steps and it still doesn't work, I would suggest to get in touch with customer care so we can make sure everything is set on our end.