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terrible service and dishonest practices by Fido

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I am writing to report terrible service and dishonest practices by Fido. Furthermore, according to the latest bill Fido somehow wants me to pay $300 for a cell phone bill with a $55 plan, which is clearly incorrect. I went to the Fido store three times and called Fido customer service twice to resolve this and it is still not fixed. It is beyond frustrating.


Here is the history of what happened:


On June 21, 2021 I went to the mobile store in Alliston, Ontario (at 21 Young St, Alliston, ON L9R 1B5, 705-435-7512). It's a Rogers/Fido store. I was looking to separate our joined Rogers account into two separate accounts. The sales representative, Ilinca, convinced me to switch over from Rogers to Fido because, as she explained:


  1. My monthly bill would be $5 less with Fido’s 15 GB plan of $55 per month+taxes.
  2. As a new customer I would receive a completely free tablet with a 4 GB data plan. She explained that there would be no extra charges. I made sure to confirm this with her several times. She also promised that all activation fees will be refunded.


I agreed to this offer even though it made me to break contract with Rogers and pay off the balance for my phone


First Bill - $172.13 (see attached)


I received my first bill, dated June 21. It totalled $172.13. It turns out the tablet wasn't free as was promised to me. There was an activation fee (a separate fee from the phone activation fee) as well as other charges. On June 27 I went back to the store to return the "free tablet" and cancel all the related charges. When I walked in I saw an older gentleman speaking to an employee named David (who I later found out was the manager). The gentleman was asking for some help to select a phone. David seemed very annoyed and after a couple more questions told the man to get out of the store! I could not believe my eyes. I have never seen anyone kicked out of a store, especially not in such a heartless and rude manner. It was hard to watch and I didn't know what to say.


Then came my turn to speak to David. I explained that my bill is entirely inconsistent with what was promised to me and that I want to return the tablet. David was rude and annoyed. Eventually he advised that he processed the return of the tablet and promised that he will make all the necessary changes to my account. He provided the attached Receipt #5311183100 for the return of the tablet. He promised that I will see the changes reflected in my account in 24 hours. There was no apology and no explanation for why I was misinformed about the tablet and the charges.


I waited for two days and there were no changes. I went to the store again and spoke to the staff reminding them to make sure that the tablet return is processed in my account. There were still no changes.


I called Fido customer service and was told to go back to the store again to fix this. On July 2, I went back to the store for the third time. I spoke with Kristine. At this point I was very upset and frustrated. This has been a huge waste of my time. Kristine advised that she made all the changes to my account now and that I only have to pay $70.43. I paid the amount at the store. I was promised that my next bill would be the correct charge for the $55 plan + tax. While I was speaking to Kristine, David came out from the back of the store. He asked me what I'm doing here again (???). I started explaining to him again why I'm back and that he did not do what he promised. He threatened to kick me out of the store because I was upset.... I have never once in my life been treated in this manner. I don't understand how this individual is allowed to manage a store and to affect the lives of employees and customers. David did not apologize for not doing his job which resulted in me having to come back to the store a third time.


I filed a complaint about David's inappropriate behaviour and the non-existent customer service to the Fido complaint department.


Second Bill - $302.52 (see attached)


On July 25 I received a new bill which totalled $302.52, instead of  $55 + taxes. It looks like I am now being charged the full price for the tablet, the tablet which I returned within the appropriate return period and for which I have a receipt. This is obviously a mistake and the necessary changes to my account were once again not made.


The same day I called the store and spoke with Ilinca who, instead of fixing the error, told me to call Fido main office because it is their error and not the store's. I asked to speak with the store manager, David. Ilinca said that he was not in that day. I asked when he will be back. She told me he won't be in for the next month since he works at another Fido store. I asked for the phone number of that other store. Ilinca game me the number of the Alliston... the number that I just called. I asked for David's full name and Ilinca refused to provide it.  


Between June 27 to July 2 I visited the store 3 times and called Fido may times. I am exhausted from dealing with this issue, with David, and with Fido. This was a very toxic experience.


I received terrible service, my complaint was not resolved, I still have an incorrect outstanding bill for $300 for a tablet that I have returned. Please assist me with resolving this issue.




Hello @anzhelat 


Your experience with us is always our priority and we want to make sure everything is resolved on your end.


In order to review your bill with you, we will need to have access to your information.


You can find all the ways to reach a respresentative here.