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Samsung Galaxy issues (no texts/calls/no connection)

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


i browsed the community, and lots of great advice and help, so here i am

i have a samsung galaxy a10s

i have had this phone for 2 years, and really love it

never had any issues up until maybe 2 months ago?

sometimes the network works, sometimes doesnt...

ie calls/text not coming through nor am i able to make them or send

one of the fido tech reps said something about the network my phone is on is not supported anymore?

but my phone has LTE (i see it switch from h+ to 3g) so i am confused?

can someone pls help me, i really would like to keep this phone. TIA Smiley 

(please let me know if you need any settings checked)
ALSO, i just reset my phone 5 mins ago, to give it a fresh start. so no settings have been toyed with Smiley


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

it works, intermittently! the sim card thing is a good point, i actually had that happen a few years ago with my samsung galaxy s7, and a new sim card solved the problem...might be worth grabbing a new one Smiley will try.

Hi @xsandsx, sorry to hear that you can't connect to the network using your a10s. My first question to you is have you tested your sim card in another device?  They can go bad sometimes. If it works in a different phone then that could exclude that. Also, have you removed and replaced your SIM card to see if it isn't seated properly? Do you the correct settings for Fido for network data and calls? These are great methods to start troubleshooting your device.  Once you try those, let us know if you are back on the network or not and then maybe we can come up with some new suggestions for you. My 5 year old BlackBerry KeyOne still works on any network. There's hope 😉