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squeaky home phone line

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1


Posting this to home internet forum since I figure the home phone fits in this category.

Callers have been complaining about squeaky high pitch voices on the home phone. I also noticed it and it seems to happen half the time. Has anyone else experienced it?



Hey @binkz,


Sad to learn you're experiencing this with your Home Phone!


Do you have a Wireless line with us as well and if yes, are you having the same troubles when calling from your cellphone?


I would suggest making sure that there are no other electronic equipment or devices near/close to the wireless modem and if possible, that the modem is close to a window to receive a better sound quality. 


If it persists, try plugging in the phone in the second jack on the WHP device or testing the modem with another house phone if possible.


I would also check that the reception is adequate on the modem:

  • Good reception = Green
  • Medium reception = Yellow
  • Low reception = Red

If the issue persists after trying everything, you would need to contact us so we can have this looked into by our Technical Support. It could be that the modem is defective and we would need to look into options to have it replaced.


Hope this helps!