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question about billing for mobile plans

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently just got the fido payment plan, and I cant find any information on when ill recive my bill. (i have not yet recived my phone- just ordered it today) will the bill show up on the same day as i set up my phone, or later? 


By show up I guess i mean- will my bill be due when i set up or at the end of the month? Im new fido mobile and trying to get my finances in order to make sure i can pay everything on time on the first month due to the set up charge and the down payment charge. 


i currently have fido internet and that bill is due may 1st, will my phone bill also be due by then or will if have a diffrent date since i just ordered it? 


thank you!


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @danniflach


Your Fido Mobile service will have a different billing cycle based on the activation of this service. Your billing will start as of the date we ship out your order. This will be considered your billing cycle date and you should receive your first invoice shortly after. You will be notified by email that your invoice has been generated and that you can log into My Account to view your bill details. 


If you registered to Preauthorized payments on your mobile services, the withdrawal will be within 15-20 days after the billing date. 


For non-preauthorized payments the payment due date is within 26-30 days after the close of the billing period. Due dates can vary by one or two days depending on the amount of days in a month.


I hope this helps clarify things a little. Smiley