prepaid plan is not working

I'm a Participant Level 1 derekbarclay
I'm a Participant Level 1

prepaid plan is not working

I have A  $15 unlimited text plan only, unlimited incoming and outgoing texts. This is the 2nd time I noticed Fido has screwed up my plan, had to get it cleared up last month too. My unlimited text plan is good until May15 2016, but today? I am not able to send out any text messages! only can recieve text messages. My account shows I am paid up until may 15th, and my plan is now not reading my plan, its a different plan, that I NEVER changed my plan to, I have had the same unlimited text plan for the last 4 yrs, no clue why my fideo website says a different plan. can you fix this asap please, make sure my phone is set up for unlimited texting outgoing and imcoming, and its paid up and good until may15th. Need to reply and send text messages asap! also your website does not work, for people to change plans, its always a error, wanted to see if I could get my plan back myself, after fido changed it on me for no reason, but doesnt work. 

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Re: prepaid plan is not working

Hey there!


Welcome to the community!


I'll send you a PM in a few minutes so we can look into this together.


In the future, you can reach out to us directly on facebook or Twitter for questions directly related to your account Smiley



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