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not at all satisfied with fido customer service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

since 6 december i have been calling fido for my esim card , i visitied the fido store in STC for my esim but he said it is not available and dont know when it will be available , i visited the store 4 time a week but the sim was not available eventually i called the customer service to ask which store is it available so that i can go there then i got to know i can order sim online which the store in stc could not let me know . i got my sim delivered i could not setup my sim i called fido customer care she asked me to visit the store today i reached store at 14:00 and the representative name atish was helping me , he could not set up the esim so he made me run all over the mall for next 2 hours first he told me go and ask other strore if they have other esim u can exchange i went there after that he asked me to go to apple gallery and get my phone checked . he made all the kind of excuses but could not help me out with the matter he was just trying to blame it on my phone that it has some problem , eventually at 17:00 i got fraustated and went baack home . really i wish to change my sim card now i never imagined that fido would take more than 20 days to just get my esim . As i can conclude STC fido store is worthless, if fido is helping me out with my sim ill keep it or else ill change my network in next billing cycle.



Hi there @Narayans561


That is certainly odd indeed; Fido store are THE place to activate eSIMs 


I'll send the feedback the STC location, that is unacceptable, 


Meanwhile, do you not have any other store near you?  eSIMs can only be activated in store