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iphone 13 mini in pink

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I upgraded to the iphone13 mini in pink and it said i will receive it in 2-3 days. I already planned to give away my phone next week. When I didn't receive a tracking number i called customer service today just to be told that it s ok back order and will be shipped in mote than 3 weeks. 
this means i will be without a phone for the next 4 weeks and i am pregnant due in three weeks and of course will need a cell phone to call my doctors in case of emergency and now i am uncertain what to do. This is very disappointing, if you expect a backorder or delay at least inform us!



Hello @Asmaa3,


Welcome to the community and happy new year!


I can understand being disappointed in not receiving the phone on time and it's in Fido's best interest to get you the device as fast as possible but with the current situation and the chip shortage getting certain electronic devices are taking longer than usual.


You mentioned you are planning to give away your current phone and since your new phone is back-ordered it would be in your best interest to hold off on giving away your phone until you get your new device because it is important for you to have your phone.


You can also check stores to see if they have the phone in stock I would suggest searching for locations around you and calling them before going and if they have it you can contact customer service and see if you can cancel your order and then do the upgrade at the store and you can get the phone right away. You should note that you will be charged a $50 fee for doing it this way but a lot of times stores do have promotions where the fee will be reimbursed back to you on your second or third invoice.