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getting scam/spam SMS without my consent

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Im new here, not sure where to post this so here goes.

Ive been receiving these text messages from random numbers about lottery winnings and I've tried forwarding them to 7726(SPAM) as well as the stop link, no luck. Im registered on the do not call list too. I don't know where to go to report this im in Canada. I didnt agree or consent to receive there messages so its harassment and unlawful can somebody please direct me to appropriate resources?



Hello @ehcanadian,


Welcome to the community!


Unfortunately, scammers/spammers do not play by the rules and the do not call list means nothing to them personally I do not think that list ever worked at all. 


CRTC made the carriers enable a new technology on December 1-2021 call STIR/SHAKEN that would combat spam calls it will take some time to make a difference but I've noticed that now instead of calls spammers are sending text messages. Just this morning a friend sent a message he received from the air duct cleaning people. 


Now that the calls are beginning to be filtered out it looks like we might see an uptake in spam text until the carriers can find a better way to combat these also.