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Need help w/ Fido releasing my old phone number that I was given with fido

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, I need help in one current matter. I used to be with fido and now I am with public mobile. I tried to switch to  my old phone number that was with fido but I am being told that fido needs to release the number in order for Public Mobile to be able to port the number successfully. Who can I speak to about this in FIDO? Any help would be appreaciated thanks! 



Hello @simplesteps21,


Is the number with Fido still active? If it is then Public mobile should be able to do the port you should receive a text message from Fido asking you to confirm you just need to reply within the time frame given in the text message and the porting process should be completed.


If you cancel the line with Fido then you will not be able to port the number as you no longer own the number if the number was originally from Fido then it will go back into the Fido pool of numbers and anyone can get it.


If the number was originally from another carrier and you moved it to Fido and you cancel the Fido line without porting the number first then the number will be returned to the original carrier.


Depending on when you cancel the line you might be able to reactivate the line and get the number back but there is no guarantee, you will need to contact customer service and they can assist you.