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formal complaint

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Does anyone know how to file a formal complaint or escalate an issue?

I have wasted many hours with customer service along with being forwarded to a manager over the phone and my issue has not been resolved. I have only been given the run around, lied to and spoken down to. I am extremely fed up and want to file a formal complaint about my unresolved issue and the manager I spoke to.

I went to and it does not direct you anywhere other than their contact page, live chat or Ombudsman. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I did contact them and filed a complain but no one ever came back so do not know if any action was taken.


However after the above experience which I think was worse but I was wrong. I booked an appointment at another store, i went there 40 mins away drive and checked in online but to what happened last time just after 10 mins I checked the store and saw noticr that store is not in operation.


 this is probably the lowest or worst service one can have with any company. unfortunately there is no process to escalate and i will be leaving fido soon

 i have paid premium so still want to have device repaired and compensated for the hassle and time i wasted going across cities to get my phone repaired. I will be filing a complain woth regulator as well since Fido has no process to escalate to higher authorities


We definitely have a process, and we should be able to help. You said that you contacted us and filed a complaint, but no one came back. Could you clarify what happened exactly? Were you able to speak with our customer service? If so, someone should have been able to help right then and there. 


Feel free to get in touch again with our customer service here as we'll definitely be able to help. Alternatively, we can send you a direct message here on the community. 


Let us know how you prefer to go about this.