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for the bill issue

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1
I changed my phone plan in 2021 June through the fido online service. and the agent said my plan come with a 1000 minute free long-distance call. and yesterday I just figure out I never get the long-distance call. and pay for extra money for 4 months.
I try to connect to the online service and they didn't give me the solution so please help me to solve this problem. due to the covid, life is really tough. please someone help me.

Good morning @seancho , sorry to hear that you are having unexpected charges on your bill. Have you contacted customer service about this? You can do so Here , also did you check to see which countries are included in the 1000 minutes?  Here are the countries covered in the offer. Hope this helps 


Hello @seancho,


Unfortunately, you will need to contact customer service directly as they are the only ones that have access to your account and can better help with this issue.