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an issue about billing address

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I had a small issue about my billing address with fido two days ago. In my profile, the billing address is correct. I ordered a new phone with a two-year plan the day before yesterday, the same day of the national outrage of calls and data, when I checked the fido website for the update of the outrage recovery, and realised that I could order a new phone and plan online. 


The problem is, when I filled the order form, the billing address was wrong. As I said, the billing address in my profile is correct: like, 100 Canada Ave N, Vancouver, BC, A1AB2B. When I filled up the order form, the address was automatically copied as the billing address and shipping address. However, the street became 100 Canada Ave (without a N, means North) while the p[ostal code is the same. There is an address with 100 Canada Ave, one block from my house. So I was worried that the phone would not be delivered to the same address. I talked with the costomer service, and was convined that the parcel would be shipped to my house because the delivery stuff would follow the postal code first. Or I could call the customer service again to correct the shipping address after I got the tracking number.


I got the tracking nubmer from Fedex yesterday and I was trying to correct the shipping addess by mysellf but only sender could change the address, and the receiver could not. So I chose the method to hold the parcel at a nearby fedex office, and pick up by myself. The good news is that I got the notification this morning, the phone has been arrvied and is ready for pick up. It is very fast, since it was delivered form Ontario. Good job!


I think the address issue is a general problem, a technical problem that can be easily fixed by IT professional (it's my opinion and expectation) I hope Fido can do something about it. Thak you ! By the way, the customer service represatative was very nice and helpful, although the line as very busy and the waiting time was long.



Hello @luzhang99,


I understand your concern regarding the shipping label not including (North) and the package could be delivered to the wrong address but as the agent advise it should follow the postal code first and it should have arrived at your location. 



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

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