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Wrong roaming charges

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Good evening,

I recently came back from India and found my bill to be $181.00, the roaming was charged and I did not receive a message informing me about any of the roaming charges. I kept checking my app daily to see if I was charged anything and suddenly I get this bill. Now imagine you are expecting a $45.00 bill and turns upto $181.00. I am very upset with the same and as there no intuition provided before the actual charges were posted. I am very disappointed and wouldn’t like a solution for the same. Thank you.

Saana Benurwar 



Hey @saana


Automatic message are usually sent as a welcome message to inform you of the applicable charges at your current destination. Did you not receive those?


On our end, we will only charge you if there is a usage made while roaming using your Fido SIM card. That is the only way we can track a communication to your device. Billed usage are calls (incoming and outgoing), sent texts (incoming are free), and mobile data.


To avoid any roaming charge, you can start by disabling data roaming on your device. Then put your phone on airplane mode to avoid calls and texts. Doing these 2 steps will disconnect your phone from any network connection, then simply activate Wi-Fi for data usage when available.


That said, have you had the chance to speak with an agent to go over your billing details? Let us know, and don't hesitate to reach out to us at these channels if you'd like us to look into it.