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Won indigo gift card and now not there

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi everyone,

I was a past winner in August 2022 of an Indigo gift card. Now the card disappeared from my profile. I got the run around when I called Fido and they don't know who I should contact within their company. Can anyone let suggest who or which department I should call????


Hi @DOMCH1 , not that I know the answer to this but,  you can send a private message on Twitter or Facebook if you use these platforms and ask for help finding your answer. I find dm on Twitter quite useful for a few reasons. I will have a copy of our exchanges in the messages, we can interact in writing with a back and forth at your leisure and not wait on the phone or be accidentally disconnected. Very stress free. If you are not on these platforms then I suggest using one of the methods mentioned Here to make further inquiries. Good luck and hope you get a resolution